0.9.0: phpspec 5

Upgraded phpspec to v5.0@rc, meaning:

  • phpspec v4 support was dropped
  • PHP 7.0 support was dropped
  • Symfony 2.7, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 was dropped
  • added usage of void return type
  • added usage of constant visibility

0.8.5: Normalized float to double

Normalization from float to double, thanks to @ItsKelsBoys

0.8.4: PHP 7.2 support

Thanks to @roukmoute for adding PHP 7.2 support

0.8.3: Fixed float arguments

Marked float as being a non object type, thanks to @arn0d

0.8.2: phpspec 4

Using phpspec 4.0 stable, thanks to @arn0d

0.8.1: Memio 2.0

Using Memio 2.0, thanks to @arn0d

0.8.0: phpspec 4

Upgraded phpspec to v4.0@rc, meaning:

  • phpspec v2 and v3 support was dropped

0.7.0: Scalar Type Hints

Upgraded Memio to v2.0@alpha, meaning:

  • PHP 5 support was dropped
  • scalar arguments now get type hinted
  • maximum method argument line length changed from 120 to 80
  • opening curly brace changed to be on the same line as the method closing parenthesis, when arguments are on many lines
  • properties changed to not have empty lines between them, except if they have PHPdoc

0.6.2: Re-enabled constructor generator

Constructor generator wasn't registered as a generator in phpspec 3, du to a missing DI tag.

0.6.0, 0.6.1: Upgraded tp phpspec 3.0@beta2

BC Break: since phpspec 3.0@beta2, registering extensions in phpspec.yml is done as follow:

    Memio\SpecGen\MemioSpecGenExtension: ~

Note: 0.6.0 is actually the same as 0.5.0, due to a git tagging typo.

0.5.0: Upgraded to phpspec 3.0@beta1

Due to phpspec sharing some common dependencies with SpecGen:

  • dropped support for PHP < 5.6
  • dropped support for Symfony Event Dispatcher < 2.7

0.4.1: Updated dependencies

  • added support for PHP 7
  • added support for Symfony 3

0.4.0: Interface Typehints

  • object arguments will now be typehinted against their interface
  • object arguments will now be named after their interface (without Interface suffix)

0.3.0: Constructor generation

  • constructor generation, same as method except:
    • it inserts constructor at the begining of the class
    • it inserts properties with initialization for each constructor arguments

0.2.0: Use statements

  • use statement insertion (for each object argument)

0.1.1: Fixed object type hints

  • fixed Prophecy test doubles type guessing

0.1.0: Method Generation

  • method generation:
    • it inserts method at the end of the class
    • it typehints object, array and callable arguments
    • it names object arguments after their type
    • it names scalar arguments after a generic name (argument)
    • it adds number on names that could collide (e.g. $argument1, $argument2)