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Memio is a library, it allows you to describe PHP code by building "Model" classes (e.g. new Method('__construct')) and then to generate it using a PrettyPrinter!

Note: The actual generation logic is held in Twig templates. If the coding style provided doesn't appeal to you, you can overwrite those templates easily.


Install using Composer:

composer require memio/memio:^2.0@alpha

Full example

We're going to generate a class with a constructor and two attributes:


require __DIR__.'/vendor/autoload.php';

use Memio\Memio\Config\Build;
use Memio\Model\File;
use Memio\Model\Object;
use Memio\Model\Property;
use Memio\Model\Method;
use Memio\Model\Argument;

// Describe the code you want to generate using "Models"
$file = (new File('src/Vendor/Project/MyService.php'))
        (new Object('Vendor\Project\MyService'))
            ->addProperty(new Property('createdAt'))
            ->addProperty(new Property('filename'))
                (new Method('__construct'))
                    ->addArgument(new Argument('DateTime', 'createdAt'))
                    ->addArgument(new Argument('string', 'filename'))

// Generate the code and display in the console
$prettyPrinter = Build::prettyPrinter();
$generatedCode = $prettyPrinter->generateCode($file);
echo $generatedCode;

// Or display it in a browser
// echo '<pre>'.htmlspecialchars($prettyPrinter->generateCode($file)).'</pre>';

With this simple example, we get the following output:


namespace Vendor\Project;

class MyService
    private $createdAt;
    private $filename;

    public function __construct(DateTime $createdAt, string $filename)

Want to know more?

Memio can be quite powerful, discover how by reading the docs:

You can see the current and past versions using one of the following:

And finally some meta documentation:


  • commands (e.g. add use statement, add PHPdoc, injecting dependency, etc)
  • parsing existing code (using nikic's PHP-Parser)